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PacBio HiFi Reads and SageELF System Promotion

BioTek Imaging Competition 2019


25% discount on SageELF systems until 30th June 2019 to support PacBio HiFi reads

One For All: HiFi Long Reads for de Novo Assembly and Comprehensive Variant Detection

Earlier this year, PacBio were excited to report on HiFi reads, a new SMRT Sequencing advance that generates highly accurate long reads that will ultimately help users generate extremely accurate, single-source data for large-scale genome projects. The approach was demonstrated in a preprint on bioRxiv, that described a collaborative effort to comprehensively characterize a human genome.

The team interrogated a broad range of variants and performed phasing. "We analyze the CCS reads to call SNVs, indels, and structural variants; to phase variants into haplotype blocks; and to de novo assemble the HG002 genome," the scientists report. "The CCS performance for SNV and indel calling rivals that of the commonly-used pairing of BWA and GATK on 30-fold short-read coverage." Detection of variants was consistently strong for SNVs (99.91%), indels (95.98%), and structural variants (95.99%). As the authors note, "Nearly all (99.6%) variants are phased into haplotypes, which further improves variant detection."

Now, PacBio have released a supported protocol to enable researchers to use this approach themselves.

sageelf_computer_trans_500px.pngAlthough the supported protocol is very similar to existing library prep methods, the SageELF system is recommended for size selection of libraries as it provides better recovery, better accuracy of size selection and provides multiple fractions from which to choose sequence for optimal HiFi read performance.

To support HiFi read library preparation, Millennium Science is pleased to offer customers a limited time 25% discount on SageELF systems until 30th June 2019.

The HiFi Difference


You no longer have to choose between high accuracy and long read lengths. With HiFi reads, powered by the circular consensus sequencing mode, you get highly accurate long-read sequencing data you can trust.

Explore how HiFi reads are enabling calling of all variant types in the human genome.

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Promotion ends June 30th, 2019. The promo code "SSC25" must be used when placing your order to receive the discount. This promotion can not be used in conjunction with any other offer.


BioTek imaging products are designed for a wide range of applications. BioTek customers are using the Lionheart™ Automated Microscopes, and Cytation™ Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Readers, to acquire beautiful, publication quality images for use in their research. Contact us to learn more about how these products can bring your science to life and take a look at the winning images from last year's Imaging Perspectives Contest.

Are you currently using a BioTek Lionheart or Cytation? Show off your spectacular images and enter the BioTek Imaging Perspectives 2019 Contest! You could win one of three cash prizes as well as the chance for your image to be featured in BioTek's 2020 wall calendar.

  • 1st place = $1,000
  • 2nd place = $500
  • 3rd place = $250

Submit your image here.

Terms and Conditions:  
Competition ends July 31st, 2019. Images must be captured using  BioTek instrument (Cytation and Lionheart). Each entrant may submit up to three images for judging, each image must be uploaded separately and BioTek's terms and conditions must be accepted for each. The three prize winners will be notified by August 30th 2019

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